The LR Career Plan is a classic marketing plan combined with additional bonuses at key levels of the career ladder.

The LR company provides an opportunity to earn on a trade margin - 40% to the partner's purchase price.

For example:

The partner cost of the product is 100cu, the product is sold to the client with a 40% markup for 140cu.
Retail price of the product according to the catalog 140cu - 28.5% discount = 100cu partner price

Trade margin - the difference between the purchase price of a product from LR and the selling price to a retail customer. The trade margin must be at least 40% - dumping is not allowed. You can use the trade margin in two ways: it can provide you with the opportunity to purchase LR Health&Beauty products at a lower price for personal consumption (small purchase volumes), or it can be one of the components of your income (along with bonuses)

In accordance with the classic marketing plan, cash back is available from the turnover made.

Qualification PV Bonus
3% 250  
6% 500  
9% 1000  
11% 2000 FastStart***
Junior manager*
4000 FastTrack**
8000 FastTrack**
Junior Team Leader*
12000 FastTrack**
Team Leader* 16000 FastTrack**

PV - special items (points)

* when special conditions are met

** minimum guaranteed income in qualifications, subject to special conditions. Differs in different countries of the program.

*** terms and conditions of the program are subject to change

In total, according to the current career planLR pays to the network up to 43.7% of its income to partners.

In addition to the career planLR partners may get a corporate LR auto.